Simply Swift™ Swallow Bird Nest - 12 pieces

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Made in the USA
Healthy Supplement
Supports Healthy Pregnancy
Maintains Youthful Skin
100% Hand-washed
100% Organic

Golden Nest Simply Swift™ is 100% Guaranteed

The best quality & easy to cook swallow bird nest ready in minutes!

100% All Natural
Made in the USA
Easy To Cook & Ready In Minutes
Traceability & Sustainability Program

Golden Nest Simply Swift™

100% All Natural Genuine Bird Nest • 100% Preservatives Free

With Golden Nest Simply Swift™, you will always be assured you are getting the highest-quality product, with the best strain of raw bird nest selected, to provide you with the world’s best at-home bird nest soup.

Golden Nest® Simply Swift™ Swallow Bird Nest is the best quality of swallow bird nest that is ready to cook with easy preparation. Golden Nest® takes this delicacy to a new height with its meticulous and painstaking attention to detail for every aspect, from cleaning to the beautiful product packaging.

Simply Swift™ Process

Golden Nest Bird Nest are harvested in Indonesia and then every raw bird nest undergoes a careful hand-cleaning process, ensuring the complete removal of all natural impurities with a strict adherence to industry leading standards.

Only the best strain of raw bird nest is selected to create Simply Swift. The hard part of the nest, which is usually the leg/corner, is removed and then reshaped to make sure that the bird nest will cook evenly.

The last step of the process is later conducted at our FDA registered facility in Southern California. This High-pressure flash-steaming process eliminates the necessity of soaking in traditional bird nest cooking and this is what makes Simply Swift ready to cook in 15 minutes!

Cooking Simply Swift™ Bird Nest Soup

Stovetop • Ready in 15 Minutes

Every Golden Nest Simply Swift™ product is portioned out in advance, eliminating time and stress from the preparation process. Pour 2 cups of water to pan and bring to boil; Add 1 piece of Simply Swift™ and boil with medium heat for 15 minutes with the lid on; Turn off head and add sugar or other ingredients to your liking; Final Serving Size: Approximately 1 cup.

Microwave • Ready in 4 Minutes

Pour 1 cup of water to a large microwave-safe bowl (minimum 4-cups size to avoid spilling); Add 1 piece of Simply Swift™ and microwave on high for 4 minutes without cover*; Add sugar and other ingredients to your liking; Final Serving Size: Approximately 1 cup.

* Cooking time may vary depending on microwave frequency.

One of the Most Trusted Brand in USA

Golden Nest® Simply Swift™ is portioned out in advance, eliminating time and stress from the preparation process. Simply Swift™ can be prepared on the stove top (15 minutes) or in the microwave (4 minutes), providing ease and convenience no matter the occasion. Simply add 1 piece of Simply Swift™ into the recommended amount of water, cook, and enjoy!

Traceability & Sustainability Program

Golden Nest is committed to our own traceability and sustainability program. Each package of Golden Nest Simply Swift has a QR code that allows you to trace and learn the following information about the product:

● Batch Number

● Sanitary Certificate

● Harvest Date

● Place of Harvest

● Production Date (in California)

Ultra Premium Quality

The Raw Nest undergoes strenuous hand-cleaning to ensure complete removal of natural impurities. Further process that also include high-pressure, flash-steaming procedure are performed by licensed experts at our facility in California, U.S.A

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Simply Swift™ be traceable and sustainable?

All raw materials used in Simply Swift™ are sourced from sustainable farms in Indonesia. Golden Nest tracks all raw material’s harvest and production dates. This data is traceable by scanning each product’s unique QR code on the packaging.

How is the product sourced?

The product was sourced sustainably from Indonesia.

Is the quality different? Is it equivalent to AAA bird’s nest?

It actually has a higher quality than AAA because the hard part has been removed.

How does this product compare to traditional bird nests?

Simply swift can be prepared in 15 min as opposed to almost 2 hours for traditional birds nest…Simply Swift is portioned perfectly for 1 - 2 Servings and traditional birds nest is naturally random in sizes and weights.

What is the shelf life of this compared to traditional raw bird nests?

Similar. The only difference is that a traditional bird nest needs to be refrigerated once the pouch is open.

Are preservatives used?

Golden Nest only offers 100% all natural genuine bird’s nests. All Golden Nest products do not have preservatives. And all Golden Nest products have been Certified/Registered by various US government agencies.

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Minh Le
Packagle Delivery needs Adult Signature

Please note that delivery needs someone to sign the package. I gifted this to my dad. I didnt know this till after the package was shipped out. For the record, UPS sent out a notification on delivery day that the item will be delivered between 8am-4pm (!) Who honestly has the time to wait around for 8 hours? My fad missed first home delivery due to being at work. After multiple failed attempts to change delivery address as well as to set up UPS Access point’s pick-up, via UPS’s website and 3 calls to customer support, my dad decided to take next day off to stay home so that he can sign the package. It was not a pleasant experience.