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HEALTHEE Chicken Essence - 6 bottles x 70 ml (2.4 oz.)

My last order got lost by FedEx

I need my refund or send me a replacement as I have been waiting for your FedEx investigation results for over 2 weeks. I can’t say anything positive at this point! Just do your job!

Premium White Bird’s Nest AAA – 227 Grams (8 Oz.)

Daily drink

I love to have this in hot day!

Quality brand

I been bought with golden nest for 10 years, nice quality.

Premium Bird's Nest Drink - Original - 6 or 12 Bottles x 240ml (8 oz.)

great taste

This is great beef jerky. It beats out the other products i bought from asian supermarket or costco. great as a snack on the go.

great product high quality

This is a great product. Other jerky I have had were either too sweet or too mushy. Golden nest gets the taste and the consistency down! Great protein content as well for those looking for a quick boost.

Really works!

Get this if you want to feel younger and have more energy, it works!


I do not like it that much. It has a jelly texture in the soup; I am not talking about the bird nest itself. Seems like the water contains thickening agent. It doesn’t seem authentic like the premium bird nest soup with rock sugar. I have re-ordered it and will see if it’s any different than the first one.

HEALTHEE Chicken Essence - 6 bottles x 70 ml (2.4 oz.)

Love this!

I use one in the morning, before breakfast!

The taste is great!

I try this on my friend's house. OMG! I love this

I love it for daily drink

I love to have this instead of soft drink such as: Coke or Pepsi

I keep order it again and again

This is my 3rd order. I love it!

Valuable pack for family

We bought this and use this often for whole family

Premium Red Bird’s Nest AAA - 57 Grams (2 Oz.)

Premium bird’s nest drink - sugar free

We love

Premium Bird's Nest Drink - Sugar Free - 6 or 12 Bottles x 240ml (8 oz.)

nice color

red one look very nice


its nice to see these birdnest products. It need more promotions though