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Look fancy

Will absolutely try this one after I after the bird nest soup I purchased last month.

Great Taste

I bought this Bird Nest Soup and the white Bird Nest last month, they tasted really good. So far I’m really satisfied with the purchase.

Good product

This is my first time purchasing the White Bird Nest from this company. I also purchased the Bird Nest Soup. They were really tasty.

Tastes great

My favorite drink after a long stressful day.

Great Product

Really pleased with the quality of the product. Good price and arrived quickly at my door.

Taste is so great!

I bought 3 boxes, after that, I decided to buy more from the brand. Easy to use and bring with you

Everyday drink

Instead of drinking coke, I drink it. Taste is great!

2-3 day fast shipping

They shipped very fast, just within 24 hours. I received order after around 3 days

I bought few 1 oz and 4 oz box, since my family uses bird nest quite often, we bought this to save cost

I like that it's sugar-free, tastes very plain, package is convenient to eat. Good product

Fast shipping and good product!

I like the texture very much!

Return Customer

Very happy with the product and customer service!


I like that it doesn't taste bad but little sweet, can’t wait to try other flavor and sugar free one. I’ll definitely purchase it again



Good product

I gave to my mom, she likes it 👍

good price

Good price and promotion!
Nice services.

Very Helpful for everyone

This time, I try to have some and like it. It is good quality and convenient for any needed situation, especially before the bed time. It helps to have a good sleep, to lower blood pressure plus cholesterol.

Very Helpful for everyone

It helps people to regain appetizers and good sleeping, remain healthy, lower blood pressure and cholesterol. It makes users feel safe to consume for it made in U.S.A.

Perfect gift

Got this as a gift for my parents, they love it. I recommend this, great gift for Asian parents and elders


Great product. Very healthy as my wife loves me more now. Lol

Good and convenient!

This Simply Swift is a great product that make it so easy to prepare. Highly recommend!