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Healthy Drink

I feel so much healthier now that I've started drinking this incredible beverage.

Bird's Nest Soup- Sugar Free

Very healthy and easy to use right away.

Quality products

Like the taste and love the quality, you can tell the difference on your face skin & look even just by drinking the bird’s nest drinks. You will feel and see much more different by eating the nest couple times a week.

Seasoned Shredded Dried Pork


All pork jerky selections here are my favorite! They are soft and juicy! We will buy again!

Very good drink

This is my first time to buy a drink bird nest from Golden Nest. It is good and i like it

Nice and good price

Used it for dishes, it is nice and not too expensive.

Good value

I really love this individual bottle package, easy to drink.

Highly recommend

Love it. High quality and taste good.


I purchased 3 different kinds of bird nest and was happy with my items. It taste delicious. Best quantity.

Premium Swallow Bird's Nest Collagen Drink with Rosewater - 4 or 12 Bottles x 240ml (8 oz.)

Pork Jerky - Honey Sriracha

Excellent and quick delivery too!

Premium Gold Bird’s Nest AAA – 227 Grams (8 Oz.)

Great product

Very happy with the Simply Swift Bird Nest. Easy to prepare. Fast delivery.

Easy to cook and prepare, very expensive

Easy to cook and prepare, very expensive

Shredded dried pork

Good but too sweet.


I requested a name change on my order but you didn't change it


Tried this and had never heard of it. Very tasty