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Premium White Bird’s Nest AAA – 227 Grams (8 Oz.)

Fast delivery

Nice product with trusted quality.


Love it

Very good product

High quality nest. The packaging is resealable which helps freshness. The nest is very good quality...not like the other stuff you find in local shops.

Excellent product

Highly recommend this for women! Great value for a great price!

Love it

Very delicious

its alright

Taste was just like sugar water but tasted somewhat different and the texture was good.

Very delicious

I enjoy the drink very much and the taste is very addicting. i would highly recommend buying this.

Very interesting...

I bought a bottle of one of these off the international foods isle of, believe it or not, my local Walmart! I didn't realize it wasn't some sort of lemon drink til I picked it up to read the ingredients. I bought it anyway out of curiosity. The best way I can describe the taste is a bland mildly sweet drink with a jelly consistency. Smells like sugar water. What's weird is my brain wants to think it's a fruit drink, despite smelling and tasting nothing like one. The picture on the bottle is probably what threw me off til after some research, I realized that is what the actual bird's nest stuff looks like. Anyway, I probably won't buy again? I am curious what your soup is like, though I looked at the ingredients list of the soup bowl and it has the same exact ingredients as the drink. Unless there's another kind somewhere that's different or a recipe I could try, I'm convinced I already know what the soup is like. I might consider tasting the difference with the red bird's nest as well and your different flavored drinks. It's not terribly likely, though. I'm not convinced drinking $6 bottles of bird spit every day is all that worth the money for its supposed benefits. Nor can I really taste anything extraordinary. If you have anything cool to say in support of drinking swallow tail nest drinks consistently though, I'm all ears!

Premium Bird's Nest Drink - Original - 6 or 12 Bottles x 240ml (8 oz.)

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i cant redeem my points for next purchase. please check.

Too sweet!

How about a different product marinated in soy sauce or fish sauce?

Premium Bird’s Nest Soup - Original Rock Sugar - 6 bottles x 75ml (2.5 oz.)

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Your product is good, but you should check your website system, i cant redeem my rewards. I had 952 points, but i only can redeem 400points.

Premium Bird's Nest Drink - Original

The original flavor is my favorite. It is a little sweet and has a smell of wheat. Love it and recommend this flavor if you wanna give a shot!


I used to love the jerky from here but I feel like they're skimping on the flavoring... the jerky is not as flavorful as before and some pieces barely have any flavor. Very disappointing :(

Excellent buys.

Good, pure nest. Great taste, fast delivery. Approved.

easy to use

very nice quality and easy to use product. very good quality

very good quality

excellent quality and the bundle makes perfect gifting!!!

Good product

I very like this one. I kept it in fridge an was able to use it for a while.

No MSG. But taste good!

Very refreshing

If you like no sugar, this is your choice. The rose water is fragrant, light and delicious