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Premium Red Bird’s Nest Soup - Original Rock Sugar - 6 bottles x 75ml (2.5 oz.)

Easy to use

The product is good to purchase!

Simply Swift™ Swallow Bird Nest - 2 pieces, 6 pieces or 12 pieces


I purchased this Red Bird's Nest 8oz once so far as well as the Gold and White AAA 8oz to compare and try them. The Gold smell a bit better. But all three taste the same to me, at least the packages that I got. Package was well sealed and bird nest look clean.

Smell good

I purchased this Gold bird nest 8 oz only one time so far. I also purchased the AAA white also. The Gold bird nest take a bit more time to cook, but give off a more noticeable nice smell.

Easy to cook

I purchased this AAA. I like the quality. Easy to cook and with rock sugar added taste good.

Great Taste

Bought this for the first time at a store, and it was amazing. Came back to order more at the site! Can't wait for my products to arrive.

Good products

I bought this product for my wife when she is crazy busy with work and too stressed to have a good meal. It certainly helps.

Great Bird's Nest Product!

Golden Nest is the brand I trust the most as compared to others in US. The first time I ordered was when my wife was pregnant, and since then, we've been ordering their bird's nests whenever needed. Great product and thanks!

Good product

bought for my mom for mother day, never disappoint on this product, taste with with red date and goji berry ,healthy.

Nice product

Nice product, quick ship, love the simply swift nest. So delicious . Less time preparing.

Good value

This doesn’t vary too much from the aaa grade but much lower price. I buy this for myself all the time

Good choice for gift

This is my best choice for gifts for someone like beauty and health.

Trusted brand

This brand is the only brand I will buy bird nest from. It’s authentic and the price is reasonable. Especially this C class very good value for self consumption.

Only bird nest I will buy

Golden nest is only bird nest I will buy in US. It’s authentic and good quality. Eating bird nest is truly helpful for your immune system.

Premium Gold Bird’s Nest AAA – 227 Grams (8 Oz.)

Simply Swift™ Swallow Bird Nest - 2 pieces, 6 pieces or 12 pieces

Mom says great!

Bought it for mom, she tried it and loves it !

Great product!

I received this as a gift from a friend and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. Easy to prepare, would definitely recommend. I’m now planning to order more for my family!

Great product

Love that it is sugar free!

Premium Bird's Nest Drink - Original - 6 or 12 Bottles x 240ml (8 oz.)

Need to improve food process

Jerky are too hard and too dry.

5 star for you

the best. i love it. keep order again again. Thank you Golden Nest

Premium Bird’s Nest Soup - Original Rock Sugar - 6 bottles x 75ml (2.5 oz.)