Premium Bird’s Nest Soup - Ginseng - 6 bottles x 75ml (2.5 oz.)

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This recipe uses 100% genuine Wisconsin (tested and certified) Cultivated American Ginseng, which is added in sliced forms. 

Together with the highest quality of swallow nest and USDA Organic sugar as sweetener, this unique blend of soup is one of the most naturally nutritious and potent soup one can find in the market, popular among the young and the ‘young-at-heart’.

This product is made with guaranteed 100% hand-washed nest.

From the moment you twist and pop the cap open, and savor this GOLDEN NEST® swallow nest soup, you will notice a distinct taste, aroma, and texture that can usually be enjoyed ONLY through home-cooking swallow nest soup. This unique characteristic is the fruit of GOLDEN NEST®, commitment to have all swallow nests be 100% hand-washed and 100% bleaching-free.

The 100% hand-washed method is still the time-tested premier method to minimize the impurities content in the nest. This method, however, is losing its popularity due to significant product loss during the cleaning process. Also, some minor impurities might still remain visible, due to the absence of bleaching agents to ‘cover’ them (read: ‘Why Bleaching’ at the back page). However, GOLDEN NEST® believes that the best swallow nest should always be completely natural; to achieve a 100% natural final product, 100% hand-washed raw swallow is the unwavering, ultimate standard.

Finally, the absence of bleaching agents, along with advanced cooking technology similar to those used in preservatives-free commercial baby food technology, makes this product safe for elderly people, nursing/ pregnant women, and even babies that are ready for solid food. Enjoy!

This product comes in a box of 6 individual 75ml bottles.

Made in USA.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lilymae Perez
Ginseng Birds nest

I had the six day challenge one bottle a day drinking ginseng birds nest. After the third day, I felt more energized and aware of my surroundings. I was able to do more of my house chores after work and attend our kids. I definitely will be buying the product more often. Thank you for this amazing drink.

Jennifer Prom
Great Taste

I bought this Bird Nest Soup and the white Bird Nest last month, they tasted really good. So far I’m really satisfied with the purchase.

Ngo Hoang Oanh Dinh

Premium Bird’s Nest Soup - Ginseng - 6 bottles x 75ml (2.5 oz.)

hai le

very good


Our parents love how ginseng bird nest soup give them energy and increase the appetite for eating.