HEALTHEE Organic Turmeric Brown Rice - 3 bowls x 216 grams (7.6 oz.)

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Organic Brown Rice

Delicate, organic, and delicious!


Our HEALTHEE ® Organic Turmeric Brown Rice was cooked using natural turmeric roots. Turmeric has been used for thousands of years to decrease cancer risks, detoxify the body, and improve cognitive function. Our Organic Turmeric Brown Rice combines the rich nutrients of organic grains with the powerful antioxidants of turmeric, packaged into one convenient bowl of savory goodness just for you!


Guaranteed Quality

ORGANIC AND DELICIOUS: Our HEALTHEE ® Organic Brown Rice is gluten-free and contains healthy quantities of B Vitamins, as well as has manganese, iron, plenty of dietary fiber, and essential fatty acids. It is also rich in minerals that support the immune system and promotes healthy cholesterol levels. All of our Organic Brown Rice blends are memorably delicious.

MANUFACTURED WITH INTEGRITY: Our HEALTHEE ® Organic Brown Rice is formulated using only organic ingredients and processed with advanced technology, so while the product has great shelf life, zero preservatives are added.

CONVENIENT PACKAGING: Our Organic Brown Rice is fully cooked and microwaveable in 90 seconds! This convenient packaging makes it easy for you to eat healthy even at work or at school. This is the perfect lunch for those who love healthy meal preps!


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Customer Reviews

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Easy to make meal

It is so convenient, I bring it to office for lunch.


Love this product. Easy to make a quick lunch


Disliked the dryness & sticky made it hard to chew


I didn't feel it had a particularly coconut taste to it.Nice to have a backup during Covid19 for quick meals


Wow! Healthee's Turmeric Brown Rice is the best rice I've ever tasted! It tastes really good with diced chicken or shrimp mixed into it. I was, at first, wary to buy it because I'd never had this brand before, but I had a rice craving, and this was the only brand available. I'm so glad I ordered it because it is truly delicious! It's so good, I ordered and just received a 12-pack of it today. And. . . I can reuse the little plastic bowls the rice comes in. Awesome! Thank you, Healthee!