Premium Bird's Nest Drink - Longan - 6 or 12 Bottles x 240ml (8 oz.)

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  • Made with real longan fruit juice that Chinese herbalists believe to be relaxing.This unique beverage has a pleasant, sweet fragrance.
  • The nests are 100% guaranteed to be exclusively hand-washed with no bleaching or artificial colors added.
  • Once you pop open the cap, the distinct aroma of freshly-steamed swallow nest will greet your senses.
  • Inside, this combination of swallow nest bits and powder are perfectly blended to provide you with a satisfying effects for not only daily, but and anytime-of-day consumption.
Shake it well, and be well!
100% preservatives free!
This product comes in trays of 6 and 12 bottles ( 8oz each bottle).
Made in USA

Why buy Golden Nest?

USA MOST TRUSTED BRAND: We have become the number one selling brand of birds’ nest products in the USA since our establishment in 1995. Our innovative team has earned the reputation of selling only the highest quality birds’ nest products. Today, our premium products are sold in major supermarkets and Asian specialty stores throughout the USA. With Golden Nest, you can purchase with confidence.

100% ALL NATURAL GENUINE BIRDS’ NEST: You can depend on us to provide you with the highest quality authentic Indonesian birds’ nests. Each nest has been carefully hand-cleaned by experts to remove natural impurities such as feathers and twigs. No preservatives, bleach, or any other unnatural components are added during the preparation and cleaning processes.

ULTRA PREMIUM QUALITY: We pride ourselves for our premium birds’ nests. You can expect each grade level to deliver superior taste and texture, on top of having a luxurious protective packaging. Our proprietary 3-step traditional hand cleaning technique ensures that the nests remain intact without relying on bleaching or other dangerous chemicals.

A STEP ABOVE OTHERS: Rest assured that all of our products have gone through rigorous examinations and strict health, safety, and sustainability standards. Buying from us means that you will get authentic, high quality products every time.

INCREDIBLE BENEFITS: Bird’s Nest has long been used in Chinese medicine as a super food because of its many health benefits. This natural product is composed of essential amino acids, potassium, calcium, iron, and many other minerals that strengthen the body. While it was traditionally reserved for the ancient royals and nobles, you can enjoy the same benefits from consuming this product today—especially if you purchase from Golden Nest.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

I like it and my kids also like it, will buy again if more promotions are available!

L. Wang
Premium Bird's Nest Drink - Longan

It's delicious!

Elena truong
Send wrong items

I oder 6 bottles birds nest soup but send me birds nest drink .I send but nobody email me back.feel bad for customers service.

Should have shopped around
Tasty But Expensive

I liked the level of sweetness. Unfortunately right after I bought directly from Golden Nest, it was stocked at Costco for half the price

hanh VUONG
great taste