GOGEE Goji Berry Juice - 6 or 12 bottles x 240 ml (8 oz.)

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Goji Berry Juice

Healthy and delicious!

Goji berries have long been used to protect the kidneys and liver, improve eyesight, and promote longevity. Now, you can have it with you in a convenient bottle wherever you go!

Taste the difference between our delicious natural ingredients and other goji berry drinks on the market!

ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Our Goji Berry Juice has no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives and other unnatural additives. It’s also completely free of GMO particles, so enjoy your health drink with complete peace of mind!

MEDICINAL PROPERTIES: The antioxidant-rich goji berry has been used for thousands of years to replenish energy, improve eye health, and protect the kidneys and liver from inflammation. The mood-boosting property of this fruit is also remarkably potent

ULTRA-CONVENIENT: Our durable glass bottles were designed to seal in freshness and fit comfortably into your hands. We think about the smallest details to give our customers the most convenient experience!

Shake well as natural settling can occur.

12 Bottles - 6 fl. oz (180mL)

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