Simply Swift™ Swallow Bird Nest - 2 pieces, 6 pieces or 12 pieces

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Golden Nest® Simply Swift™ Swallow Bird Nest is the best quality of swallow bird nest that is ready to cook with easy preparation. Golden Nest® takes this delicacy to a new height with its meticulous and painstaking attention to detail for every aspect, from cleaning to the beautiful product packaging.

The Raw Nest undergoes strenuous hand-cleaning to ensure complete removal of natural impurities. Further process that also include high-pressure, flash-steaming procedure are performed by licensed experts at our facility in California, U.S.A

Golden Nest® Simply Swift is portioned out in advance, eliminating time and stress from the preparation process. Simply Swift™ can be prepared on the stove top (15 minutes) or in the microwave (4 minutes), providing ease and convenience no matter the occasion. Simply add 1 piece of Simply Swift into the recommended amount of water, cook, and enjoy!

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Each package of Golden Nest Simply Swift has a QR code that allows you to trace and learn the following
information about the product:

● Batch Number
● Sanitary Certificate
● Harvest Date
● Place of Harvest
● Production Date (in California)

Golden Nest is committed to our own traceability and sustainability program.
With Golden Nest Simply Swift, you will always be assured you are getting the highest-quality product,
with no corners cut, to provide you with the world’s best at-home bird nest soup.

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