Golden Nest Edible Bird's Nest Products Available at Costco

 Golden Nest Edible Bird's Nest Products Available at Costco

As an ancient part of traditional Chinese medicine, edible bird’s nest has been considered a Chinese delicacy for over four hundred years.

Golden Nest, the leading US company which supplies edible bird's nest products, now has its original line available at Costco.

Read on to learn about what bird's nest products you can find at Costco, and how you can get exclusive flavors of bird’s nest drink online.

Edible bird's nest products sold at Costco

Golden Nest was the very first company to offer edible bird's nest beverages, and its entire line provides bird’s nest products that are superior in taste, quality, and purity to other brands available in the US. Because of strict USDA regulations, only top quality bird’s nest manufacturers can process and sell their products in the USA.

Golden Nest is the only edible bird's nest product which has earned the privilege of selling its products at Costco, the world's second largest wholesaler.

At Costco, there are two main Golden Nest products. Our Soup Line and Drink Line with limited distribution throughout the Costco retail store network, because this is still categorized as an ethnic food, they will more likely be available in communities with a higher Asian concentration.

The main difference between the two other than price is the concentration of birds nest per ounce of liquid.

Golden Nest Premium Bird’s Nest Soup at CostcoThe first of the two products is the Golden Nest Bird’s Nest Soup. It is an 8 pack of 2.5 oz bottles, for $39.88 as noted by a Reddit user.

Because of the volume and size that Costco can move, they are able to offer their members the best deal, if you do find them at your local Costco, make sure to pick up a few cases.

As a comparison, we carry the same Premium Original Birds Nest Soup on our website, but each case only comes with 6 bottles and the retail price is $49/box.

Golden Nest Bird's Nest Drink at Costco The second very popular Golden Nest Bird’s Nest product at Costco is our Original Flavored Bird’s Nest Drink. Similar to the Bird’s Nest Soup, it comes in an 8 pack and is almost $10 less than our regular 6 pack. You can see in this Youtube video where a guy is surprised to see Bird’s Nest Drinks at his local Costco and is asking for comments from his viewers.

This is the same product in the video. It retails for $29.99 for 6 bottles on our website.

Edible Bird's Nest Soups at Golden Nest

Now that you know what Golden Nest Bird’s Nest products are available at Costco, let’s talk about what isn’t carried by the retail giant.

Red Bird’s Nest Soup - From our Golden Nest Birds Nest Soup line, we have our Premium Red Birds Nest Soup in Original Rock Sugar flavor. You can read about Red or Blood Birds Nest here.

Red Date & Goji Berries - Our popular Red Birds Nest also comes in our traditional Red Date and Goji Berry recipe. Red Date and Goji Berries have very well known health benefits even in modern western food circles these days.

Gold Birds Nest Soup -  Gold birds nest is a level up from the regular premium line sold at Costco, you can read more about the different levels here.

Collagen - For those of you wanting more bounce in your skin, we also carry a Birds Nest Soup infused with high quality and certified Collagen.

Ginseng - We even have a Ginseng infused Bird's Nest Soup that will help with mental alertness and have been known to increase immune system performance.

Concentrated Swallow Nest - For those of you looking for a high dose of Bird’s Nest Benefits, we do have a line of Concentrated Birds Nest at 250 grams in one bowl!

Sugar Free - The last flavor in our soup line is our Sugar Free Birds Nest Soup, this is good for people with Diabetes or are just watching their calorie intake in general. It tastes great and it all natural, we use Xylitol as a natural sweetener.

Edible Bird's Nest Soups at Golden Nest

Edible Bird's Nest Drinks at Golden Nest 

For our Bird’s Nest Drink line, here are the flavors that are not available at Costco:

Red Dates and Goji Berries - This unique combination  of berries and dates is rich in antioxidants, and sold in packs of eight 12-ounce bottles.

Lychee - Authentic lychee puree gives this drink its rich yet delicate and unique taste. Lychee juice is a moderate source of antioxidants according to traditional Chinese medicine. (Sold in packs of six or twelve 8-ounce bottles).

Longan - Made with real longan fruit juice, this bird's nest beverage is designed to relax the senses. (Sold in packs of six or twelve 8-ounce bottles.)

Loquat and Honey - Let the rich, soothing taste of loquat with a taste of honey sooth and relax you. (Sold in six or twelve packs containing 8-ounce bottles.)

Sugar Free (Sweetened with all-Natural Xylitol) - Slightly sweetened with non-sugar natural sweetener.

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Edible Bird's Nest Drinks at Golden Nest