HEALTHEE Organic Chicken Essence With DHA Omega 3 - 6 bottles x 70 ml (2.4 oz.)

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Healthee Organic Chicken Essence with DHA Omega 3 is
packed with wholesome goodness for the entire family. DHA Omega 3 has many
advantages; it supports healthy blood lipids level (supports increase in HDL
“the good cholesterol" levels and helps shift LDL “the bad
cholesterol"), It also helps maintain a normal heart rate and blood
pressure, and improves vascular reactivity in adults. DHA is an important brain
nutrient, it helps maintain brain development and function, promotes cognitive
development, supports normal cognitive function throughout life, and is the
most abundant Omega 3 fatty acid in the brain and eyes. Made with 100% organic
ingredients, uniquely formulated based on traditional recipes with no
preservatives added, and processed with advanced technology, the final product
of Healthee Chicken Essence is guaranteed to be the first and only Chicken
Essence product in the market that earns USDA Certification and 100% made in the

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