Chicken Jerky Bites - Honey Teriyaki - 4 oz.

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  • DELICIOUS AND READY TO EAT: Each package of our top-selling chicken jerky bites contains individually wrapped, bite-sized servings (sold in supermarkets across the country). We individually wrap our jerky to ensure sealed-in freshness and maximized customer satisfaction.
  • ALL NATURAL, HEALTHY SNACK: Our jerky contains all natural ingredients with high protein and low fat, carbohydrates, sugar, and calories. We use premium whole-muscle, USDA-certified and US-grown hormone-free chicken. Our products are gluten-free and do not contain MSG, preservatives, or nitrates.
  • NUTRIENT-RICH: You receive 9 grams of protein rich with nutrients to help with your focus and energy level while satisfying your craving for flavorful chicken jerky.
  • SUCCULENT BBQ FLAVOR: Our unique open-flame grill and glaze process significantly reduces bad fat content while locking in natural juices to maximize the barbeque flavor in every bite.
  • HIGH-PROTEIN, LOW-FAT SNACK: Our chicken jerky bites give you the protein and energy required to replenish your muscles and maximize the benefits of your workout. Loved by athletes, bodybuilders, CrossFit athletes, and all other sports enthusiasts, this high-protein, low-fat snack is perfect for people on the go.

How it’s made

Our chicken jerky is first processed with chunks of premium USA whole-muscle, lean hormone-free chicken. We never use frozen or low-quality poultry. We chop the chicken in house and mix it with natural ingredients just before cooking to ensure you get the freshest product possible.

All Natural & Delicious

Our gluten-free jerky is made using a traditional recipe with all natural ingredients – no MSG is added to achieve its succulent signature taste. We are the first manufacturer to use a unique cooking process that includes an open flame grill and glaze to lock in the meat’s natural juices while achieving a genuine BBQ flavor. The process also results in a final product that has very low fat content – we extract out the bad saturated fats!


This is the perfect healthy, jack of all trades snack. Low in fat and carbohydrates but highly nutritious and packed with 9 grams of protein, Golden Nest Jerky was created to give you energy to focus and perform while studying, working, or exercising. We reduce sugar content by replacing it with a much healthier alternative – honey! We do not add Sodium Nitrate or any other artificial preservatives – instead, we go the extra mile and vacuum pack our jerky in individual portions to seal in the freshness and ensure maximum convenience and shelf life for our customers.

Perfect for workouts & everything else

Golden Nest jerky is the choice of athletes and bodybuilders, as well as students and professionals everywhere. Incredibly satisfying and extremely portable, you can bring it anywhere as a trusty and versatile snack to fuel your day. It gives you the energy and nutrients to focus and push hard at the gym, at the library, or at the office. Perfect as morning desk snack, late evening snack, mid-hike snack, pre-game snack, road trip snack... and everything else you can think of! What are you waiting for? Try it for yourself!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
kenny z
Very good and healthy jerky.

Taste good too.

victor sun
great product high quality

This is a great product. Other jerky I have had were either too sweet or too mushy. Golden nest gets the taste and the consistency down! Great protein content as well for those looking for a quick boost.

Kevin Dinh
Not so good

It's good but it is really dry and hard. I had a hard time eating it.


Gift with purchase but the taste was ok. I think the pork or beef jerky have a better texture though.

Honey Teriyaki Chicken Bars

Absolutely delicious flavor. Super fast delivery. All around great experience.