Where to Buy the Best Edible Birds’ Nest Online

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Where to Buy the Best Edible Birds’ Nest Online

Edible birds’ nest, often called swallow nest, is an ancient Chinese delicacy reserved for the royals and nobles of China. Birds’ Nest is composed of the swiftlet saliva, which is rich in all kinds of vitamins and minerals. In the ancient days, the Chinese had to gather birds’ nests from dangerous limestone caves because that was usually where these rare birds would make their nests. Nowadays, birds’ nest can be enjoyed by anyone around the world without taking any extreme measures (although natural cave nests are still harvested from time to time).

However, real, authentic birds’ nests are most likely not going to be found at your local grocery store because they are still highly prized delicacies. It can be rather difficult to spot authentic birds’ nests if you don’t know where to look. Even if you stumble upon a source that claims to have high quality products, it’s still incredibly difficult to know if you’re buying genuine, top-quality products.

What are the different types of birds’ nests?

Before buying birds’ nests, it’s good to know the qualities of each nest, as there are handfuls of different kinds to choose from! Each nest type varies in rarity and quality. We’re going to give you a brief overview of all the important nest characteristics that you should know.

Birds’ Nest Grades

bird's nest gradesFirst of all, birds’ nests are often categorized into grades. Each grade depicts the different concentration levels, shapes, and purity of the birds’ nest. Grade AAA is generally the highest grade quality, with AA, A, B, and C following thereafter. Needless to say, Grade AAA nests are the most prized and rare birds’ nests of all because of how difficult it is to come across perfectly shaped nests in farms or caves. Grade AAA nests have the perfect cup shape, even ‘strands’ of saliva, and are free of all natural impurities (such as dirt and feathers). A good thing to keep in mind is that the higher the nest quality, the more you should keep an eye out for fakes. We’ll talk further about that in a bit.

Grade AA nests also have perfect cup shapes and concentration levels but slightly more impurities. Impurities don’t take away from the actual bird saliva quality; they only present more grime to clean up. Luckily, Golden Nest workers diligently hand-wash each nest to ensure that you will receive contaminant-free products. Hand-washing bird nests take an incredible amount of time and attention to detail, but we are committed to providing the best natural bird nest products. Traditional hand-washing saves the consumer from eating birds’ nests laced with bleach and other harmful chemicals often found in the cleaning process.

The outcome of cleaning the nests, though, is that the more impurities a nest has, the less saliva there turns out to be. So, the C quality nests are essentially the same quality as the Grade AAA nests, but only with less bird saliva after the thorough cleaning process.

Furthermore, if you’re just looking for nests that are both affordable and high quality, Grade A nests might be exactly what you need. Grade A nests are considered to be one of the most economic options for those who are simply looking for high quality nests on a budget. Golden Nest gives our customers plenty of price options because we believe that authentic, quality birds’ nests should be made available to everyone of all economic backgrounds.

Types of Nests

types of bird's nest types of bird's nests

Now, we’ll go into the different types of birds’ nests. That’s right—there isn’t just one kind! You’d be surprised by how many different colors there are—and if you purchase them from Golden Nest, you can be confident that even the rarest nests are naturally occurring and never artificially colored.

Red Nests – Arguably the rarest of all birds’ nests, red nests get their unique coloration from the oxidization of iron in the bird saliva during extremely humid conditions. The red nest keeps its color even after cooking, adding a beautiful red sheen to soups and desserts of all kinds. Even though the red nest looks different, it is chemically similar to the other nests, and it comes categorized into different grades, just like the other types of nests.

Gold Nests – Gold nests are the next rarest swallow nests on the market. In fact, many notable birds’ nest stores don’t even stock on gold nests because of how difficult they are to come across. Gold nests are generally dark yellow in coloration, although they have quite a large color range (all shades of gold, of course).

Cave Nests – Cave nests are rare, but they are more dangerous to attain than anything else. Cave nests are simply swiftlet nests that are formed in limestone caves, cliff sides, and other rocky, cavernous areas. Cave nests generally have a higher concentration of impurities, but are highly pursued by birds’ nest enthusiasts, anyway, because they are (literally) hard to get. Anyone would like a good backstory to their birds’ nests!

White Nests – White nests are the most common birds’ nests found in the swallow nest industry. Just because they are common, however, does not mean that they are any less nutritious or high quality. On the contrary, because they are easier to farm, the Grade AAA white nests are extremely high quality and smooth in texture.

Where to Buy Authentic Edible Birds’ Nests

where to buy bird's nest onlineThe best place to buy birds’ nests is actually online. It’s convenient, easily verifiable, and technical support is usually at your disposal. In-person stores are also good, although you might have to go a bit out of your way to get the price and nest selection you want.

Driving around town to find the right birds’ nest product is also not the most convenient thing, whereas if you go online, you can literally sort through thousands of selections right from the comfort of wherever you are. You can find birds’ nests on Amazon, eBay, or straight from the Golden Nest store.

Advantages of Buying from Golden Nest

Golden Nest exceeds all top safety regulations with our meticulous manufacturing process. Only about 30% of our total harvest makes it into production by the third examination because of how strict we are with nest quality. We also have numerous nest products, not just dry swallow nests. Some of our products include:

All of these products were made with genuine swallow nests. There is no doubt that our customers consume the highest quality birds’ nest products on the market. Our premium birds’ nest products are all manufactured in the USA in FDA-approved facilities. Golden Nest’s incredible dedication to quality has earned us the highest ratings on Better Business Bureau, as well as loyal, repeat customers of more than a decade.

The quality of our products can be tasted. Those who purchase our authentic birds’ nest products on the store or on Amazon continually express their firm approvals of Golden Nest. Our products simply taste amazing and are of the highest quality, yet still affordable for the average American.

Taste our products and see why we’re #1 in the nation.

white bird's nestgold bird's nestred bird's nest